Front-office solutions

Home Trading, Web Trading, Mobile Trading stocks, derivatives, bonds on iOS, Android, Smartwatch, etc.)

Trading applications

Home Trading: using Chronium technolgy with can be built on multple platforms Windows, Linux, MacOS with high interactive & high speed trading.
Web Trading: using HTML5 technolgy with ReactJS to build high rich features & fully streaming for trading.
Mobile Trading: using native application (Swift for iOS, Kotlin for Android) to build high speed & easy to use for mobile devices.
Open API Gateway: using Spring framework to build high speed & flexible adaptors to any kind of business rules & core systems.


Multi products

Structured products
Fixed incomes


System characteristics

Transaction function 
Technical function
Analysis function
Alert & Notification function
Company information


High speed OMS

The best in class order routing management system solution which is

  • Flexible, easy to scale (run multi OMSs for load balancing),
  • Supports multi markets, multi products, multi currencies.
  • High Avaibility & Fail Over with standard protocol FIX
  • Designed with international standard, easy to apply to any other markets.