Inno-OMS (the Order Management System)

InnoOMS is the system to manage the execution of trade orders, including real-time checks of compliance, margin rules & risk rules.

The Best Performance System in Finance and Retail

InnoOMS is the best in class, real-time solution with capacity 30,000 orders/s (with 1 OMS), latency less than 1ms and can be expanded unlimited by running multiple instances. InnoOMS can apply in Finance and Business- ecommerce.

InnoOMS Advantages

  • 100% pure asynchronous communication architecture so that the system can reach the best performance.
  • Flexible, easy to scale (run multi OMS).
  • Support multiple products, multiple markets: Stocks, Derivatives, Bonds, Fix-Income (TBD).
  • Support multiple currencies (VND, USD, BAHT, etc.)
  • Run automatically 24/7.
  • Automatic backup and recovery mechanism.

InnoOMS Integration

  • Ability to integrate with any core system (settlement system) of diverse products, markets in Finance or Trading.
  • No changes in user interface.
  • Short integration time.